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Carpet Cleaning

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      So you are needing some carpets cleaned, not  sure who to hire.  I have been cleaning carpet on and off for 30 years and have also attended a number of cleaning seminars to learn about the construction of carpet, the physics and  the chemistry behind cleaning.  We use state of the art cleaning equipment and systems to do a very thorough job.

      We start with a walk-thru to do an evaluation to note any areas of concern and give you a quote on the services requested.  The first step in our cleaning process is

pre-vacuuming.  Our state of the art equipment starts with a Kirby  vacuum to do our pre-cleaning step, the more dry particulates we can remove the less water and cleaning agents I will have to use to clean your carpet.  When we feel that we have removed as much soil as possible in this pre-clean step.   A non-toxic, eco-friendly pre-conditioner is applied to begin loosening and dissolving the remainder of the foreign elements in your carpet, the ones that are making it look dirty.  The  carpet is then agitated (scrubbed) either with a carpet rake or with machine to further loosen the foreign elements and work the preconditioning agent to the base of the yarn.  Now is the WOW step, watch the video you will see it in action,  as we extract the pre-condtioner along with all the foreign elements using our rotary extractor to get the deepest dirt out and restore some of the fluff and softness back into your carpet, and leaving it dryer than even so-called dry cleaning methods.  As a final step the carpet is groomed so that your carpet will dry faster and look almost like it was when installed.

      It still amazes me when customers say, " the last guy didn't do that." "The last guy didn't do that either."  This is  just standard procedure for us.  What we do has saved our customers hundreds of dollars because they thought they were going to have to buy new flooring and now they don't.  Call us at 989-785-2231 or fill out the contact form below we will be happy to put you on the schedule.

       Our cleaning service includes moving some furniture such as recliners, couches, tables, etc. The exceptions are computer desks, pianos, full hutches.  We do ask that all  items on furniture to be moved is taken off.

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