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Tile & Grout Cleaning

    We can help you with your grungy dirty looking grout.  That is why  you are looking at this page right, because of the grout?   Most people buy ceramic or porcelain tile because it looks fantastic and endures a  lot of traffic.  Haven't seen a tile floor that I didn't like.  Now thou you are realizing that the grout is tough to get clean.

    Grout is a hard surface to get clean!  Many of the store cleaners might lighten it and that is only if you get down with a small brush and scrub every lineal inch of it.  We use a cleaner designed specifically for grout and a special professional tool that can only be used with a high performance cleaning unit like we have.  Your grout could be looking like new if you call us.

    After cleaning we highly recommend a penetrating sealer to prevent any liquid being absorbed into the grout and staining it.  If your grout gets stained it may require expensive grouting restoration .  The grout can be easily tested to see if resealing is necessary after we clean it.

    Call us to clean your grout at 989-785-2231 or fill out the contact form below, we would be happy to put you on the schedule.

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