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pet urine, dog urine, cat urine, dog pee, cat pe

     Uh Oh! Look who had an accident.  I know everyone thinks that they have the most well behaved pet.  I receive a lot of income from those well behaved cute & cuddly little pets.

    We apply a special cleaner on the spots and then use a subsurface extraction tool to remove the urine that has gotten into the pad.  Remember clean does not smell, we give due diligence to remove most if not all of the urine.  What we are unable to extract will be treated with an enzyme spotter to continue to remove the urine that is causing the odor.

    Other odors are treated with the same principle - remove the source you remove the odor.  Special cleaning agents and basic knowledge of chemistry are needed. If you are needing your house to smell fresh and clean again give us a call at 989-785-2231 or fill out the contact form below.

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